Simply Haikus

The photo is downloaded from
The photo is downloaded from

Nothing can compare
with your smile, oh so sweet!
Just like honeycomb.

Are you an angel?
For whenever you pass by
It feels like heaven.

Divine, yes, divine
Best to describe your aura.
Truly enchanting.

I really don’t know
How can you capture a heart
just doing nothing.

New dawn is coming
Whenever we see you dear
With you is the sun…

Every time you come,
Our hearts jumps in much joy
Simply magical.

Light-hearted you are,
Goodness resides in your heart,
Oh, truly divine!

Unique in every way,
A precious gem from the earth,
A pearl of the sea.

Surely you are blessed,
A being of enchantment
Fay of the forest.

Thoughts of you
can make our hearts quiver
due to so much joy.

Radiance so bright,
Which emanates from your heart
Infectious goodness.

Enrapture us more,
With your smile and laughter,
Real awe and wonder…


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