To a lady named María Ozawa

Maria Ozawa, a Japanese porn actress

It is not because you’re naked, my love
That I begin to look upon thee;
It is because you’re a woman and a dove
That my soul’s eyes began to long for thee…

Do not mistook it for lust, it is not, it is not—
For I know, my dear, you had enough, you had enough!
I am longing for you, not for your kiss, not for your touch
What I want is your real smile, your real laugh.

Sometimes I wonder if you moan because you’re satisfied;
Or it is a just cover for the tears you’ve learned to hide?
Do you long for a perfect lover; do you, my sweet and my love?
Someone who can give you wings, so you can fly like a dove.

I pray, my dear Maria, everyday and every night—
That you and your sisters will soon took the flight—
Not inside the room, wherein you will falsely make love
But to the arms of a lover, that will give you love, not only lust.

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