Valediction of a self-proclaimed wordsmith

I am a wordsmith
My words are either brass
Or gold or silver or stainless steel.
They cut between realities
And invented bliss.
Pointed and sharp words—
I have them. I am a wordsmith.
Fiery statements
Cold feelings of love overshadowed
By either feel or discontent
You would find them
In my workshop, a room
Suspended on the ceiling of my—and your—mind
Universes, I create them
I create different kinds of worlds:
A world of strength and weakness
A world of love and lust
A world that is full and empty
A world that is habitable and inhabitable
A world of calmness and anxiety
A world of peace and chaos.
I create my own reality
Based on other created realities.
I am wordsmith.
Trust me or distrust me
But I am me.
I am a wordsmith
Working on fire and water
Fluid and stagnant ideas of this part the universe.



One thought on “Valediction of a self-proclaimed wordsmith

  1. Ika’y sining sayong paraan
    Panday ng sariling kinabukasan
    Baliko, maporma man
    Ika’y sining sayong paraan

    Tinta mo’y iyo
    Anyo ma’y tago o totoo
    Ito’y iyo.

    Panday ka ng ‘yong bukas ngayon at kailanman


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