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Valediction of a self-proclaimed wordsmith

I am a wordsmith
My words are either brass
Or gold or silver or stainless steel.
They cut between realities
And invented bliss.
Pointed and sharp words—
I have them. I am a wordsmith.
Fiery statements
Cold feelings of love overshadowed
By either feel or discontent
You would find them
In my workshop, a room
Suspended on the ceiling of my—and your—mind
Universes, I create them
I create different kinds of worlds:
A world of strength and weakness
A world of love and lust
A world that is full and empty
A world that is habitable and inhabitable
A world of calmness and anxiety
A world of peace and chaos.
I create my own reality
Based on other created realities.
I am wordsmith.
Trust me or distrust me
But I am me.
I am a wordsmith
Working on fire and water
Fluid and stagnant ideas of this part the universe.




Isa lamang ordinaryong miron at mapangarapin si Noel Sales Barcelona na nagnanais magsulat ng hinggil sa kaniyang nadarama.

One thought on “Valediction of a self-proclaimed wordsmith

  1. Ika’y sining sayong paraan
    Panday ng sariling kinabukasan
    Baliko, maporma man
    Ika’y sining sayong paraan

    Tinta mo’y iyo
    Anyo ma’y tago o totoo
    Ito’y iyo.

    Panday ka ng ‘yong bukas ngayon at kailanman


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