I am writing this note, a few minutes before my 31st birth anniversary.

In my 31 years of existence, I do realize that there lots of things that I have done that need rectification, modification, or I must not done at all. These are the grave mistakes in my career as a writer, as a citizen, and as a person as a whole. But, there’s no room for self-pity. Experiences, good or bad, are excellent teachers. They devise theories that are totally applicable to our daily lives; their results either caution us not to do same things, or to make improvement on aspects that need some tuning or overhauling.

They say that if a man or a woman approaches their midlife, they are suffering in a dilemma. Are they too old for the world? Have they done enough to make their lives and other lives better? I believe that I do have still much time to do whatever the LORD wants me to do; what the society needs me to do; and to do the things I want to do.

Although my life is a little bit crowded with worries, uncertainties and other negativity, there is still room for development, improvement, and progress. THERE IS HOPE IN LIVING notwithstanding the fact that WE ARE ALL DYING. Death and life are sisters — and they are twin. For us to have a better life, we need to die a little — you know, those little pains, sacrifices, humiliation, uncertainty, mistakes. If we have pass through it successfully, then we will enter rebirth, a new life. On the other hand, if we want to have a beautiful death (I do believe in one), you need to perfect the art of living. The art of living for me is to do the best that you can, to do big acts of kindness (if you would do random acts of kindness, make it sure that it would really make an impact on the lives of other people and that it would pave way to positive changes into your life), and to realize that everyday is worth living (and dying) for.

Now, it’s 12:05 A.M. (I have started this blog entry, six minutes ago), I am officially 31. I thank the LORD for giving things and making me experience things that would make my personality complete. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Amen.


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