Whenever there’s a difficult situation coming, for example, in the economy, the experts will always suggest – if not – provide some safety nets to cushion the impact of the negative situation to the much affected.

There were times that I felt that I am a cushion – a soft material that always receive the greatest hit or blow, shielding others for them not to feel the worst effect of that hit or blow. In other words, I am the one who is much affected while the others are sitting pretty, as they say.


There’s something unusual with me, which I am not going to tell for now. Many people, with deep and grave problems, hurts and jinx, are coming to me for comfort, for assurance, for help. I guide them how to make their lives better, in a fast paced manner, while mine is going slower like the old windmill built on a shallow brook. But thank God that I am still insane despite all the negative energies that I am getting whenever I help other people.


But one must react negatively about the aforementioned statement. I act, not only out of duty, but out of love. I don’t want other people to get hurt neither can I afford to see them suffer. Although there were many times that I tried to ignore them. But it’s like that there is Someone who’s sending them to me. Nevertheless, some of my help aren’t for free. I have to admit, I have also my personal needs. However, whenever the person begs not to give me anything, a simple touch or thank you, would suffice. I am not a materialistic person. Neither I am a saint. I am just easy to please.


As I write this blog entry, I am talking with the two loneliest women in the world. This is exaggeration, yes. But for me, as I can see, they have that melancholy that can never be equated with mine… I will share their stories… if they will permit me…


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