Dad and Tatay

I never had the chance to talk with my Dad. He was already dead when I arrived home. He died due to complications of diabetes. Now I am at the borderline. Karma perhaps for not being a so responsible foster son that time.

It is Father’s Day and my two fathers – Renato, who died earlier than my Daddy Abelardo – are already six feet underground. But I admit that I miss them and I am writing this blog entry, not only to honor them but to thank them for what they had taught me: Tatay Rene had taught me, somehow to forgive and never to be a womanizer for he is a 100% womanizer, a poor man but a gigolo; while Daddy had taught me how to respect and love women as they are and be responsible, patient, and careful with the decisions I make.

To my two dads: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY and you may both rest in peace. Amen.


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