Sometimes we sleep only with our eyes
But our heart, mind and soul are restless.
This world has alienated us from rest
As everything has been moving to-and-fro—
All for the sake of mammon that will rot someday
And we cannot even take to our graves when we meet death.

Sometimes we want to sleep with our souls
And take that deep, genuine slumber
That our spirits will not feel the things that surround it;
But this world, this kind of world we’re living
Prevents us to do so
For the monsters in cold rooms
That eats gold and silver in their skull plates
Do not want the world to rest—
They do not want the human race to stop
Even for a minute and take that opportunity to rest
For if the world will see the importance of rest,
Of sleep, of slackness, of unselfish love for oneself and the others
Soon they will see their own eternal rest.

Go! You people stop and sleep!
Hum in unison the oyayi that will make this world rest.
Let the machines stop for a while.
Let the morning be an evening to rest.
Let this world be a place of calmness
Like the bedroom where you can dream of dreams
That is painted in gold and silver and red…
However, in order to find a time to rest
We need to struggle and fight for that right to rest.


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