The Journey

Desert caravan by Jure Oblack (

There is a tale,
a never ending story
of journeys and travels
of a lonely spirit-soul

the traveler’s goal is to find the secret
of the Great Alchemist:
that Philosopher’s Stone,
that Elixir of Eternal Happiness.

there he went
to the heart of the cities
in the depths of the sea
to the peak of the mountains

he even tried to measure
the blueness of the sunlit skies
but there, he cannot find
the Alchemist’s secret.

one day,
while the spirit-soul rests
here comes a bird
with plumage so delicate and pale

her beak was dry
some of her feathers’ missing
her feet are sore and aching
she seems to be an omen of death.

the lonely spirit-soul
tried to feed her
with old and hard bread
and put some drops of water in her mouth

when the bird had regained
its vigor and strength
it began to sing and spoke to the man:
what do you want in return?

The Alchemist’s secret,”
he replied to the Bird.
“I am tired of searching,”
he confessed, with shoulders down

“Oh! Did you searched it in the skies?”
“Yes,” the lonely spirit soul replied.
“On the mountaintops and in the depth of the seas?”
“Aye,” then the traveler began to cry.

“Have you searched it in your hear?”
“Nay,” he answered
as he weep bitterly
for his failure to see what he wanted to see.

“You know,” the Bird replied
“The Alchemist’s secret is in thee.”
The Elixir of Happiness
is the contentment of one’s heart.

“It is the appreciation of the everyday miracle
done to you by God –
the little acts of kindness,
the warmth of the sun,

“the ability of the earth
to breathe life to the seed.
the air that you breathe,
the small battles that you’ve won.

“However, we fail to see
the source of happiness,
of the long-lasting bliss
for we are blinded by illusion, of senseless magic.

“Try to introspect
and examine thyself;
and you will find that
the Alchemist’s secret is already found.”

Then the Bird flew, up into the mountains.
Finally, the traveler had realized
that his journey is not nil,
For he had find the answers to his long thought riddle…


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