the sea

here comes the mysterious sea,
the mother of all creations,
with her sobs and cries and moans
her tears are rushing
leaving its saltiness in the shore
washing away pebbles and shells
and grass and even boats
of the lonely fishermen
who sing and pray to the moon
for the plentiful catch.

the Mother Sea’s lonely
she cries and weeps and moans
and her weeping is too loud
too noisy to be ignored
that even the mountains
are covering her ears,
her precious ears
just not to hear
the sobs and cries and moans
of the crying sea.
the Deep is restless…
she’s angry
and her waves are rushing and rolling
back and forth to the islands
and back to her womb…
each wave are like strong arms
hitting and punching and hitting and punching
the battered shore
bruising him to the core

but here comes the calming hour
the hour when the storm stops
and the divine sea, the mysterious deep
will become still
now her waves are now like silent whispers
so silent that you can’t even recognize
what she is saying
but only the wise can decipher
her secret message
but now, the Wise is dumb
so dumb that he can’t even understand
even the simplest message of the sea…

Photo of the Sea of Galilee, courtesy of AtlasTour.Net


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