Photo courtesy of http://weblogs.marylandweather.com/2008/06/

the lightning struck
the forehead of the mother cloud
and her eyes become watery
and it becomes heavy
it ached that here comes the sudden outburst
tasteless tears began to fall
while the mouths of the earth
thirstily waiting, sipping every drop

thunder rolled and the lightning
like sharp, shiny swords are jumping
from one cloud to another
the day has been a symphony
of cries and sobs and roars:
frogs croaked
crickets chirped
the leaves rustled
the wind swooshed

for seconds, and minutes and hours
the skies cried and cried
it mourned for the dead earth
for the cracked rice paddies
for the rivers that had almost stopped flowing

the skies had cried and cried and cried
until the earth could hold it no more
and it flooded – water and mud
taking every leaves that had fell unto the ground
and the twigs and other rubbish
as it rain so the sudden downpour
of bittersweet memories
on the roof of my head
and it rained and rained and rained
until it had submerged
the islets in my thoughts
and I felt like I am drowning
but I will find no help
and I will not try to fight the current
just let me drown…

Edited 1 October 2015, in Antipolo…

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